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Do you have an awesome idea but are having trouble fully visualizing it...  We can guide you through the process of developing your ideas through illustration and conceptualization and give you the confidence you need to kick off your build. 



Looking for a scanned part or CAD model of your project? Let us create the high-fidelity assets you need to refine a concept



The final 5% of a creative undertaking is often the most challenging. Whether you need guidance for Colors, Materials, and Finishes, or graphic elements, we can help you finalize your project.

Why hire a concept artist?

Visualizing Custom Designs

A concept artist possesses the skills to bring ideas to life through visual representations. By collaborating with you and your customers, they can transform ideas and specifications into captivating design concepts. These illustrations or digital renderings can be used to showcase the possibilities to your clients, giving them a clear understanding of the end result.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

 Custom motorcycles are often associated with personal expression and individuality. By incorporating a concept artist into your team, you can offer an interactive and engaging experience for your customers. The artist can work directly with clients to understand their preferences, interpret their ideas, and create unique designs tailored to their tastes. This level of personalized attention and involvement will build strong relationships with your customers, fostering loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals

Collaboration with Build Partners

Building custom motorcycles involves collaboration between different professionals, including fabricators, mechanics, and painters. A concept artist can serve as a bridge between these specialists, ensuring that the design vision is properly communicated and executed. By providing detailed concept drawings, I help align the entire team, resulting in a smoother workflow and a more accurate realization of the design.

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